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Summary:Qingmao Lab Consumable Instrument Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier specializing in producing biochemical and experiment consumables for lab.

Qingmao’s every product is made in strict accordance with the CE standard. At the same time, we have past ISO13485 Management System Certification and have a number of product patent certificates.

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QM-D1 Ø150*16.5mm PS 200Pieces/Carton
QM-D2 Ø90*15mm PS 500Pieces/Carton
QM-D2-1 Ø90*20mm PC 504Pieces/Carton
QM-D3 Ø70*15mm PS 800Pieces/Carton
QM-D4 Ø60*15mm PS 1000Pieces/Carton
QM-D6 Ø35*15mm PS 2000Pieces/Carton
QM-D7 Ø90*15mm Layer PS 500Pieces/Carton
QM-D8 Ø90*15mm Three-layer PS 500Pieces/Carton
QM-D9 130*130*15mm Grid PS 300Pieces/Carton
QM-D9-1 100*100*15mm Grid PS 300Pieces/Carton


D2-1 has been heavily exported to foreign countries in recent years, with excellent mechanical and physical properties, excellent impact strength, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, good cold and heat resistance, also than other plastic stability in acid medium, especially for oil medium stable. Under the condition of high pressure steam sterilization, repeated use of unbroken, undeformed, low cost, long life, higher transmittance than glass container, easy to use and cleaning, especially in accordance with mechanized washing bottle requirements. It has a wide range of value in teaching, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry research and so on.

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Test Tubes/tube Stoppers/urine Immersed Tubes/tube Racks

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