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Summary:Qingmao Lab Consumable Instrument Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier specializing in producing biochemical and experiment consumables for lab.

Qingmao’s every product is made in strict accordance with the CE standard. At the same time, we have past ISO13485 Management System Certification and have a number of product patent certificates.

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QM-G1 Swiss AC900 Sample Cup ø24*45mm PS 1900Pieces/Carton
QM-G2 Abbott AXSYM Biochemical Sample Cup ø17.5*53mm PS 400Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G3 Hitachi Sample Cup ø12*37mm 2ml PS 500Pieces/Bag,20Bags/Carton
QM-G4 TECO Blood  Coagulator Sample Cup  ø11.5*26.5mm PS 1500Pieces/Bag,9Bags/Carton
QM-G5 Tokyo Blood Coagulator Sample Cup  CA530 0.5ml PS 2000Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G6 Antai Sample Cup ø10*19mm PP 2000Pieces/Bag,13Bags/Carton
QM-G7 M10 Sample Cup  ø11*19mm PP 2000Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G8 Biochemical Sample Cup For BOEHRINGER MANNHEIM ø7*26mm PS 4000Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G9 Single Channel Blood Coagulator  Sample Cup For German TECO Small Size PS 1000Pieces/Bag,35Bags/Carton
QM-G11 Abbott Sample Cup ø15*40mm PS 500Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G12 German Lambo Blood Coagulator Sample Cup   PS 1000Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G13 Spanish Blood Coagulator Sample Cup   PS 1000Pieces/Bag,9Bags/Carton
QM-G14 Hitachi Microbiochemistry Sample Cup ø10*37mm 2ml PS 600Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G15 Beckman CX Sample Cup ø14*25mm 1.5ml PS 1000Pieces/Bag,16Bags/Carton
QM-G16 Beckman 700 Sample Cup ø15*24.8mm 1.5ml PP/PS/PE 1000Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton
QM-G17 1L Sample Cup ø14*17mm PS 1500Pieces/Bag,9Bags/Carton
QM-G18 Corning Sample Cup ø12*20mm PS 2000Pieces/Bag,10Bags/Carton


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